Mar 22

Online Graphic Design Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Do you want a career in graphic design? Or maybe just want to understand what your graphic designer is talking about? Do you want to know about “Kiss Cuts”, “Soft Copy”, or what a “Folio” is? Then is online graphic designer’s resource is just what you need!

Online Graphic Designer's Glossary of Industry Terminology and Definitions

Online Graphic Designer’s Glossary of Industry Terminology and Definitions

Hello, I am Malane Newman, a professional graphic designer and I put together a very comprehensive Online Graphic Designer Glossary of commonly used terminology in the graphic design industry.

How to Use

The glossary is extensive while being very easy to use. To view the terms and their definitions, you can either scroll the page, or click on a letter to jump to the terms that correspond with the letter that are looking up. And possibly jump again to another term used within that definition. At the end of each section, I put “Back to Top“ links to take you back to the letter navigation.

Link to the Glossary

We hope you will enjoy and learn from this online resource. And we ask that if you like this online graphic designer glossary you will link to it from your website so it will always be easily available to you and your visitors.

More Online Glossaries

We have other online glossaries for your convenience as well; Computer & Internet Glossary and our newest, 2D Animation and Cartoon Glossary. We will continue to add to both of these glossaries to create a comprehensive resource.

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