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Captain Sandy from Below Deck Mediterranean Superhero Branding

captain sandy from bravos below deck mediterranean reality tv show

Captain Sandy

I got the pleasure of meeting and working with Captain Sandy, who I met as an experienced professional Yacht Captain (27 years experienced) of the 154 foot super-yacht Sirocco. Later when Bravo’s “Below Deck Mediterranean” television show aired, I discovered she was also a reality television celebrity.


 captain sandy logo

Captain Sandy is in the process of developing her branding. She hired me to create a logo for her and design a superhero comic book-style character as her branding mascot.


comic book style superhero Captain Sandy

Captain Sandy Superhero

This mascot was designed to somewhat resemble Captain Sandy but with normal-sized female breasts and hips, yet still maintain some of the superhero comic book-style facial features and pose we’ve all come to love and expect from our superheroes. Captain Sandy and I love how she turned out. I hope you do too.


comic book style superhero Captain Sandy

Captain Sandy Superhero


below deck mediterranean season 2 episode 5 viewing party in san diego

Captain Sandy, Chef Adam Glick, and Chartered Guests from Below Deck Mediterranean at viewing party for S2/Ep5 in San Diego.

The mascot will be used in a variety of ways. Here is an example of it being used in combination with her logo as a backdrop for public appearances.


As I’ve gotten to know Captain Sandy, I’ve come to admire her truly as a superhero in the field of merchant mariners. I look forward to illustrating more superhero characters, poses, and products as she develops her future projects and branding. Portions that I’m involved with, I will share with you here.

So stay tuned for more…


P.S. I recommend watching Captain Sandy and Below Deck Mediterranean on the Bravo Channel…it’s really an enjoyable show!

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