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Sep 25

Photo Realistic Illustrated Business Mascot

This article is about a project I recently completed. The client wanted a photo-realistic business mascot illustrated. You might ask “Why illustrate a photo-realistic business mascot and just use photography for the business mascot instead?” The answer is really very simple; because he needed the business mascot doing something that is not normal behavior for …

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Sep 15

Designing Uncle Moishy’s New Character and New Brand

The Old Uncle Moishy Character The phone rang one day and I was asked by one of Uncle Moishy’s sons to create a new cartoon mascot character of Uncle Moishy. Uncle Moishy’s son told me about Uncle Moishy’s 40+ years as a Jewish children’s entertainer and about his international fame. He then showed me the …

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Sep 01

How to Get Your Customers to Advertise Your Business and Make a Profit Too!

I know it’s hard to believe that it’s possible to get customers to advertise your business for you, and even harder to believe that you could make a profit at doing it too. It happened for my client and I’m going to share with you how he did it. Background Let me start by giving …

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