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Malane Newman was a Colorist for Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale Storybook
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Online Portfolios & Info for Malane Newman


Facebook:     Facebook Portfolio
Social media giant. Posting new projects completed I completed such as cartooning, illustration, and anything trendy like completed app designed.

Linked In:     Linked In Portfolio
Social media giant and business contacts. Approximately 24 images of mine, primarily cartooning and illustration samples.

Google+:     Google+ Portfolio
Postings very much like Facebook showing new completed interesting projects of mine. Plus an online scrapbook of photos from the postings.

Behance:     Behance Portfolio
Malane shows off some of her cartoonist skills in this portfolio. Primarily cartoon examples, but shows some illustration examples. Very nice portfolio!

Tumblr     Tumblr Portfolio Page
Showing a variety of character design and cartooning illustrations. Also showing some illustration of food and still life illustrations created for games and packaging.

Creative Pool:     Creative Pool Portfolio
Very nice portfolio. Showing some of my cartooning and photo realism illustrations. Unlimited number of projects and illustrations.

Pinterest:     Pinterest Portfolio
Lots of my cartooning and illustration samples.

Bark:     Bark Portfolio
Originally Skill Pages. When purchased only a some text was saved. All portfolio images have disappeared but still has some good info about Malane Newman

Deviant Art:     Deviant Art Portfolio
Three different galleries showing my Cartooning, Digital Illustration, and Food Illustration.

Top Illustrations:     Top Illustrations Portfolio
This is a very large portfolio showing 50 images I created. Primarily cartooning and digital illustration.

Elance:     Elance Portfolio
Nine different galleries showing my Cartooning, Website Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Application Game Design, Toys and Games, Children's Book, Products and Packaging, Licensed Character Art, and All Images.

Artist Be:     Artist Be Portfolio
Very small portfolio showing only 6 items.

Design Firms:     Design Firms Portfolio
Completed projects and descriptions. Shows primarily my Website Design and Graphic Design examples. But also shows some products using my illustration.

Prodigar Picture Library and Artist Agency     Prodigar Picture Library and Artist Agency
Artist Agency showing about 50 cartoons and illustrations by Malane Newman.

Workbook's Folio Planet:     Folio Planet Portfolio
Really cool portfolio showing 12 images from Malane Newman of primarily cartooning examples.

Play Directory:     Play Directory Portfolio
A nice portfolio showing about 20 cartooning images of children's art and toys that Malane Newman created.

Found Folios:     Found Folios Portfolio
Portfolio showing about 9 examples of my cartooning and illustration.

Ello: Portfolio
Portfolio of imagea that I occasionally post to featuring some of my best cartoon art and illustration.

Taltopia:     Taltopia Portfolio
This is primarily a children's site, but a nice place to show off approximately 24 images to inspire the young upcoming artists. Cartooning and Illustration samples.

About Me:     About Me Portfolio
A short online bio about Malane Newman with 4 illustrations as the background for the bio page.

Wikipedia:     PS Magazine Article
Malane Newman was the "First Female Lead Illustrator" on this monthly Army magazine since it's inception in June 1951. PS Magazine was entirely produced using published in comic book-style art.

Trade Key:     Trade Key Listing
A nice write-up about Malane Newman Design with a product catalog of about 10 images showing my illustrations on products.

Kickstarter:     The Art of Malane Newman - 2013 Cartoon Sketchbook
A failed attempt to gather enough funds to publish a sketchbook, but a nice read. My thanks to all the backers that did pledge!

Nace Global Creative Network:    Nace Portfolio
NACE is a private network of global talent that gives opportunities for professionals in the creative industry. Nice portfolio of approximately 70 images.

eBusiness Pages:     Graphic Designers in Hemet